Wolcott is working with Vanessa Walters, choreographer and performer for the music/art phenomenon Fischerspooner to create this multi-faceted new work. The two gather a cast of characters to use dance, spectacle and architecture to explore a world of awkward moments exposed, tender collisions, attempted fame, and survival in high heels.

Nicole marries her fascination with cinematography to her penchant for creating episodic pieces. The walls act as a shutter and lens for the audience’s eye. This structural component in motion reveals her attraction to fast cutting, intermittent work with sharp cuts between scenes, plays in perspective, sliding back and forth between scenes as they evolve, in and out of the imagination. The piece reflects her daily experience of life in the city: a steady hum of countless quick cuts panning in and out of focus.

Consulting for material and spatial design for choreographer Nicole Wolcott

100 Beginnings

Nicole Wolcott

Set design:
Spilios Gianakopoulos

Dance New Amsterdam


@ 2010 Matt Murphy

[100 Beginnings is] Lots of fun in high heels.  An extreme performance getting an extreme reaction…..Two moving walls create rooms, corners, barriers, tunnels, hiding places and mazes, to make the whole thing feel very much like a dreamscape where things shift constantly and imperceptibly…Certainly, each of the performers give us something to watch and something to applaud.

Quinn Baston
Dec. 16, 2010