DRIFT is a game that takes the form of a building. This is no accident: the constraints of Sukkot building construction very much resemble the rules of a game.

Soft cotton felt modular shapes, set within a wandering lattice, suggest the fabric of temporary tent dwellings. The game of DRIFT uses this wall and ceiling grid as a game board labyrinth where players seek each other, drifting across the structure.


Traditionally, a Sukkah exists within an established domestic sphere. But the inhabitants of Sukkah City will be strangers. DRIFT uses play to bring its urban visitors together, weaving new social bonds as they explore, meet, and share with each other.

Large-scale physical game


Sukkah City: NYC 2010

Union Square NYC

Collaboration with:
Architectural designer Clara Klein
Game designer Eric Zimmerman


Suggested play

Two or more visitors stand far apart. Each player begins by touching a blue oasis object. Your goal is to encounter another player at an oasis.

Drift by traveling along the grid in a continuous line, tracing a path with your finger. When you reach an oasis or an edge, stop moving, change direction and begin traveling again.

When you and another player arrive at the same oasis, you win. Remove the oasis from the wall and share something with each other: some food, a secret, or perhaps just a laugh.

When you are finished, place the oasis in a new location.