The Graduate School for the Arts is a international, post-graduate interdisciplinary program at Berlin University of the Arts. The Fellows in residence are highly qualified graduates from all artistic and academic disciplines who regard the communication and exchange with other disciplines as a prerequisite for their work.

The visiting professorship, in partnership with game designer Eric Zimmerman, revolved around the concept of playtesting. At regular meetings, the Fellows shared works in progress in order to spark critique and further development. In the spirit of playtesting, the works were not just discussed, but instead were experienced: feedback was based on the actual experience of a working project in progress.

In addition, the summer professorship included a requirement of presenting a public project during the residency. To this end, the project Starry Heavens was staged at the Play Publik festival in Berlin, in collaboration with Eric Zimmerman.

Don’t Follow these Rules! A Primer for Playtesting  is an essay written with Eric Zimmerman that was inspired by the experience at the University of the Arts.

It outlines best practices for a playtesting design methodology and is included in the collection play:test, published by the Graduate School of the Arts in Berlin.

Visiting Professor

Academic Institution:
· Berlin University of the Arts
Graduate School of the Arts

Berlin · Germany